By now, you’ve probably heard about The Mexico Trip and the EvoLatam trade show. Chances are, you’ve seen a podcast or a webinar where Tim Jordan or Amy Wees talk about the viability of product sourcing from Mexico. You might even know one or two people that have been on The Mexico Trip, and found a great product to sell through their Amazon business. But you’re still not convinced that you want to join The Mexico Trip.

It’s okay. We get it. It’s a daunting prospect. Let’s take a look at the types of people that come on the trip. Which one are you?

The Seasoned Seller

Hats off to you! You’ve sourced many products through Alibaba; maybe you’ve even visited a factory or two. You could be a regular face at the Canton Fair, and you’ve rubbed elbows with many of our thought leaders and influencers. Heck, you’ve probably even exited a few brands. You regularly share your expertise through Facebook groups and podcasts.

So, why would you be interested in a Mexico product sourcing trip? You already know how to source. You open up Google and you find a factory, send them an email, maybe take a virtual tour, and ask about the products that are ready to be shipped. Easy-peasy.

Slow your roll, cowboy. Mexico is not China. You can’t bank on a virtual relationship and expect some level of success. China manufacturers are used to dealing with eCommerce professionals. When Amazon first expanded, experts flew to China and educated manufacturers and brands on how to deal with eCommerce entrepreneurs. China’s been doing this a long time. Mexico? Not so much.

Put it this way. You have the opportunity at finding a truly magnificent product. We don’t have to tell you how crucial differentiation is in this ballgame. You know as well as we do how important it is to stand out and make waves. If you’re just part of the crowd, how will your voice be heard? Think bespoke leather goods. Imagine handcrafted wooden storage options. Visualize beautiful one-of-a-kind pottery. The colors of Mexico make quite a splash on page 1.

The only way you’ll be successful at product sourcing from Mexico is if you actually go. That’s no sales pitch; the Mexicans are a warm people, that rely on relationships to do business. The first step is to meet the manufacturers. The second step is to shake hands and exchange a smile. The third step is where it gets fun – that’s where you negotiate.

We know you’ve got experience. This ain’t your first rodeo. But think about it…Mexico is a whole new frontier. Sure, you’re adept at product sourcing. Are you up for a new challenge?

The Beginner

You’re just starting! We love beginners! You’re feeling a combination of excitement and anxiety. How do you know you’re getting it right? What if you make a mistake? Burn out is imminent. You’re doing it all on your own, but on some level you’re aware that you don’t know what you don’t know. It’s such an exciting time – there are so many possibilities open to you – but where to start? It all looks so large and overwhelming! How do you know if you’re even ready?

Attend the 2023 EvoLatam Expo

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Where: CINTERMEX Monterrey, Mexico
When: Feb. 15-16th, 2023

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Attend E-Com Connect

Feb. 15-16th, CINTERMEX Monterrey, Mexico

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What: The Mexico trip package includes the 7-day sourcing trip in Monterrey, Mexico with all the learning, incredible dinners, and attendance to the EVOLATAM tradeshow and networking party.
When: Feb. 11-17th, 2023

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You’ve probably invested a lot of money in your Amazon business. Parting with that hard-earned money is hard, so you’re not yet at that level where you can take big risks…

And diversifying your product sourcing from a tried-and-tested market (China) to one in its infancy (Mexico) is a huge risk. What if it doesn’t work out? What happens to your investment?

Let’s oversimplify selling on Amazon for one quick sec. In fact, lets oversimplify business. How do you succeed at business? You have to stand out. You have to differentiate. Now, you’d be hard-pressed to find an Amazon seller that didn’t make the mistake of trying to sell in an oversaturated field. Think about the fidget spinner, the barbeque gloves, the garlic press! It’s almost like a rite of passage.

So, differentiation is crucial. That’s why people spend on optimized listing copywriting, professional photos, gorgeous A+ content, and stand-out packaging. It’s the usual way of standing out in the crowd. But no amount of marketing will catapult your sales and engagement if you don’t first have a good product.

Enter Mexico. It’s no China – but that doesn’t mean it’s any less sophisticated. Think shorter shipping times, lower taxes, and a wide assortment of handcrafted artisanal products. In business, you simply must take risks. That’s part of the process. The idea is to make calculated risks. Those happen at the EvoLatam trade show – at the E-Comm Connect networking party post-EvoLatam – and at The Mexico Trip, where you’ll discover the best practices to help your little Amazon business grow.

What do you say? You’ll have to task a risk at one point…that’s the name of the game. Think about taking a risk that’s practically guaranteed of ROI!

The Shy Guy (or Gal)

Lots of people enjoy Amazon because it can be so introverted. You choose your product on Alibaba and communicate with your supplier through email. If you’re profitable enough to afford a team, you can get away with a fully-remote one. If you’ve opted for coaching, you might see your coach through a call here and there – or you might get away with a black Zoom screen while you listen quietly in a Mastermind. Introverts rejoice! Amazon is the perfect career for you!

Sorry guys, nah.

The success of any business person is contingent on a community. According to this article from, there are 6 benefits to being part of a community:

  1. Community helps you learn and gain more knowledge. You don’t know what you don’t know. Grow your network, and you’ll find that knowledge sharing is a surefire way to catapult your business forward.
  2. Community builds your network. Imagine the exponential growth! This may sound daunting to introverts, but put it this way. You’re a product of your circle. Widen your circle. You’ll learn more and grow faster.
  3. Communities support you. Entrepreneurship is tough stuff! The solo life is filled with ups and downs. A community provides a shoulder to cry on, accountability when you’re ready to continue, and advice when you need it!
  4. Communities educate you. The Mexico Trip and EvoLatam will arm you with valuable knowledge to be sure – but it’ll also expose you to a group of sellers like yourself, who may have lessons to impart from their own individual selling journey. That’s worth the ticket price alone!
  5. Communities provide strength in numbers. Imagine asking your entire support group to like your most recent blog post or Instagram story!
  6. Communities raise you too! A good community is your cheerleader. Friend. Business advisor. Mentor. There’s just so much potential for growth inside a community.

In short, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you choose to go about Amazon selling alone. Many shy people got shocked at the warm welcome they received at The Mexico Trip – not just from the organizers, the thought leaders, or the logistics team, but from the attendees themselves. Like Amy Wees likes to say, “you do you, booboo.” You go ahead and stay your sweet shy introverted self – but do join us. We’ll take care of you, don’t worry. We guarantee you, you won’t be the first shy person on the trip, and neither will you be the last – we know how to make our introverts feel at ease!

The Penny Pincher

Who doesn’t want to save a buck these days? Economists say a worldwide recession is in the works. If you’re like most Americans, you’re juggling school tuition, mortgages, car payments, and daily living expenses. Those things add up in such a huge way. So many people become Amazon sellers because they want financial freedom, away from the grueling 9 to 5. So what’s the sense in paying for an expensive trip when it’s time to tighten the proverbial belt?

Here are a few reasons:

We’ve talked about differentiation in this article. If you’re going to play the Amazon game, you’ll want to avoid products that every Tom, Dick, and Harry is trying to sell as well – at least for Private Label. (That said, the suppliers you’ll meet at the EvoLatam trade show can deal with wholesale, private label, etc.) Mexico is chock-full of potential just waiting to be discovered. Imagine your Amazon storefront filled with vintage leather satchels, colorful ceramic decor, gorgeous handcrafted jewelry…the list goes on. Find that one supplier that’s willing to grow with you; the ROI will come in no time at all.

We’ve also talked about community. Many attendees have marveled at how quickly their Amazon businesses have grown because of the network they discovered at The Mexico Trip. Not only do you meet the EvoLatam suppliers, you also get to rub elbows with some of the industry’s brightest minds. it’s a small trip! This ain’t no huge conference, where you’re jockeying for attention with 500 other people. We only have a total of 100 seats. That means it’s not hard to go up to your favorite speaker and ask additional questions. The trip’s also full of activities and get-togethers to give you a better chance to get to know the influencers better. Moreover, you’ll meet other people just like yourself. Some of them have been selling for some time; some just started. But everyone’s got a unique journey of their own, which means they have all sorts of tips and tricks to help you navigate Amazon entrepreneurship. That in itself contributes to the ROI of your business.

Besides, how else would you try sourcing from Mexico? Google isn’t going to help you; Mexicans run their businesses differently from the Chinese. You could always go down by yourself and try to figure it out, but that’s not only time consuming, it’ll get pretty pricy. Pricier than the cost of a ticket. Promise.

The Narcos Watcher

So, you’ve been watching the news. Or Narcos on Netflix. You’re thinking, who in their right mind would go to Mexico of all places when it’s just so dangerous?

Hold on just a sec. We’ve got a few facts for you.

  • The media is sensationalist. This article defines sensationalism as “the use of shocking words, exaggeration and sometimes blatant lies” to invoke a lot of emotion. Don’t believe everything you read.
  • In fact, this thesis from West Virginia University found out that lower income, middle income, and upper class publications showed an overwhelming amount of negative sensationalism – content meant to evoke fear, outrage, anxiety, or depression.
  • The Mexico Trip and EvoLatam 2023 will take place in Monterrey, which is pretty safe according to this helpful guide. Naturally, it helps to be street smart, and avoid going into impoverished areas where you might make yourself into a victim! Good thing is, you’ll never travel around by yourself during The Mexico Trip. From the minute you arrive at the airport, you’ll be with our helpful local guides, who can translate for you, make sure you get around safely, and have a smooth-running fabulous trip the whole entire time.

Every city will look scary if you’re visiting it for the first time. Put it this way, though – almost everyone loves New York City even if the news paints it out to be a scary (and glamorous) place to live! New Yorkers scoff at the news and go about their days, steaming black coffees in hand. it’s pretty much the same situation all over the world.

Don’t let the sensationalist media stop you from sourcing your next unicorn product. Mexico – and imminent success – awaits.

But don’t take our word for it.

Listen to other people just like you, who’ve gone to the trip, who’ve subdued their fears and taken a leap of faith, and come out smelling like a rose afterwards:


So, which type of seller are you? Perhaps you’re more than one – perhaps none of these descriptions match you. Whichever personality type you hold, we’d love to see you.

If you have any questions, head on over to and – or book a call with us at and we’ll happily assuage any worries you may have!

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