Have you been following our blogs, podcasts, and social media posts about EvoLatam? If you have then you must be aware by now of some advantages of Mexico as a sourcing location.


For some, free trade between the US and Mexico is a convincing enough reason to switch. Especially when compared to our complicated trade relationship with China. The rising tariffs, boycotting, and many other obstacles are just not worth the trouble.


Mexico’s proximity is another major factor – with shipping lead times cut short to 2 days instead of 2 months. Plus consider the ease of traveling back and forth when necessary! It’s a no-brainer. The future of sourcing in Mexico looks as bright and sunny as the weather in Cancun.


But – are you coming to Mexico expecting to move your entire supply chain over from China? Before you do that, there are a few things you should know…


In the video below, our founding partners – Amy Wees and Tim Jordan – discuss the Mexico Trip and EvoLatam in the Sellozo podcast. Amy and Tim share their experiences and thoughts in sourcing from Mexico, including:

  • When and how interest in sourcing from Mexico started – and how it led to NAFTA (now USMCA).
  • How developed are Mexico’s manufacturing and supply chain industries?
  • What are the advantages of sourcing in person versus sourcing from a distant location? Think about how building relationships, negotiating, and networking are more effective in person.


Itching for more? Listen to Amy and Tim thresh out all these and many more valid points in their guesting below:

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