Can you believe it? It’s just two more months before EvoLatam and The Mexico Trip 2023! Time flies so fast when we’re having fun, right? And boy, are we having fun at this time of the year. Just last week our team flew to Monterrey, Mexico to launch the PREVO – Supplier Training Event – in preparation for EvoLatam happening on February 2023. Here’s a highlights video to give you a glimpse of what went down on Prevo:

The Growth of Sourcing From China to Mexico

If you didn’t know, China wasn’t always the sourcing powerhouse it is today. It took years of on-the-job training and practice before Chinese manufacturers were able to keep up with the rapid pacing of eCommerce culture. But the growth of China’s sourcing industry was unstoppable once they got into the groove – spreading from a few cities at first then to the rise of online sourcing at Alibaba and other similar platforms. Today, China has achieved sourcing behemoth status – and they are now known as the eCom sourcing mecca of the world. We can’t see why this can’t happen to Mexico, too. So, we took matters into our own hands by holding our own training program for Mexican suppliers. We have one major objective in mind for Prevo: to help suppliers in Mexico learn more about eCommerce, and help them to work with eCommerce brands and buyers.

La Familia  – The Trademark of Mexican Business Culture

Back at EvoLatam last June 2022, we saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between Mexican culture and the eCommerce industry. Mexican suppliers are known for their relationship-building skills. Potential business partners are all ‘la familia’. Clients and manufacturers break bread at one table with family. There is a familial warmth evident in every business meet and greet, factory visit, and contract signing. And with this a more laid-back approach in every business transaction. We know we’ve always said that Mexico is not China. The disparity couldn’t be more obvious when comparing cultures. Sellers who are used to most China suppliers’ straightforward and clinical approach will have to make adjustments when dealing with suppliers in Latin America. Additionally, these suppliers will have to learn how to meet the demands of global eCommerce.

Mexico Sourcing is Ready

Prevo is a major component of our preparation for EvoLatam 2023. We met hundreds of professionals in Mexico’s manufacturing industry. All of them are eager to learn about eCommerce and deliver the needs of the global eCommerce community. They are ready. We’re so excited for you to meet them in February. 

Have you signed up yet for The Mexico Trip? If you haven’t – hurry up and book your tickets here. Slots are filling up fast – remember, we can only bring 100 attendees (and that includes our team!). If you’re skipping The Mexico Trip and just want to head straight to EvoLatam – well, you can do that too. Register for EvoLatam here – oh, and by the way, EvoLatam is FREE. See you in February!


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