FYI, we have made it our duty to share every bit of knowledge that you can equip yourself with when you join us in Mexico. Our team has put together a couple of FREE resources designed to answer your questions about the trip: an FAQ video with one of our founders Amy Wees and a webinar where Amy is joined by her co-founder Tim Jordan.
And it doesn’t stop there because we’ve also got some extra sourcing hacks we’d like to share with you. Amy breaks these down in the video below where she sits with Rob Stanley on the Sellernomics podcast. Things like:
  • Nuances in dealing with Mexican manufacturers and service providers. Mexico isn’t as advanced as China in machines, tools, and even in their communications. How do we get past all these barriers?
  • What are some alternative supply chain solutions if you choose to not have your products manufactured in MexicoDid you know that Mexico also offers more affordable logistics, warehousing, and manpower?
  • Are business opportunities in Mexico only for private label sellers – or can resellers and wholesalers get in on the action? Think about all the products with ‘Hecho en Mexico’ on the tag – what if you can get access to those?
There is a well of information to be learned in this video and help prepare you for EvoLatam (remember: this could be one of the most important business trips in your life as an eCommerce entrepreneur). Watch below – and take some notes!
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