Still on the fence about Mexico?

Don’t worry, we get it. Some of us have gotten so used to our usual sourcing practices in China, so the idea of starting over again in another country naturally invites a flood of questions.

So – to ease your worries, we’ve gathered your most frequently asked questions and got one of our co-founders, Amy Wees, to record a video while answering them all for you point-by-point.

Here were some of the Q&As (or you can watch the video here):

Q: What is The Mexico Trip?

A: The Mexico Trip is a 7-day trip to Monterrey, Mexico organized as the one of the first few major initiatives in advancing the sourcing industry in Mexico. The entire trip includes networking activities, factory visits, and the EvoLatam Trade Show with major players in the Latin America eCom sourcing industry.

Q: Why Mexico?

A: Compare: paying thousands of dollars for container shipping from China to the USA versus a few hundred dollars for Mexico. Your China shipment’s 30-day lead time with possibilities of delays versus Mexico’s 2-day lead time. Tariffs and complicated trade regulations with China versus FREE TRADE – no tariffs – in Mexico. Now tell us – why not Mexico? 


Q: How do I find a supplier from Mexico?

A: The very purpose of The Mexico Trip is to help you establish partnerships and build your network in Mexico – with raw material suppliers, manufacturers, sourcing agents, 3PL, warehousing, and other major players in Mexico’s developing sourcing industry.


Q: Will I be able to replace my China supply chain?

A: Mexico may not be as advanced as China at the moment in terms of the supply chain process, so moving your entire operations from China to Mexico in one swift motion may not be as seamless as you would hope it would be. For now, we look at Mexico as a way to diversify your supply chain whilst you prepare for a 100% supply-chain relocation in the future.


Q: Is Mexico safe?

A: There may be areas in Mexico that are notorious for criminal activities and are not 100% for foreigners and tourists, but we are not visiting those areas. We made sure that every city, town, and location we will be visiting on this 10-day trip is safe for everybody involved.


Want more? Amy answers several other important questions – here’s the video link once again.

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