This is perhaps the most important question we’ve been asked throughout this entire initiative. Why? Because all those amazing benefits from sourcing in Mexico – reduced shipping headaches, lower overhead costs, wider profit margins – do not mean anything if you cannot find a scalable product to source.

So – not only will we answer this question for you today – we’re providing you with a list of options.

It did not use to be like this; we did not have that many options before. We discussed this in our webinar, when back in the year 2000, Mexico was focused only on exporting industrial and some B2B commodities – cars, crude petroleum, and computers at the top of the list. 

In 2010, Mexico grew their B2B exports, inviting business from more global industries; and in 2020, Mexico’s exports managed to evolve more into B2C, adding more fast moving consumer goods such as beer, fruits, and vegetables:


Today, this list has grown into a variety of products already being sourced by eCommerce entrepreneurs. Below are some examples:


Think about all the products that fall under each category in the table above:

  • Wooden products – furniture, home accessories, kitchen furnishings, Montessori toys, and more.
  • Plush – stuffed toys, pillows, home accessories
  • Ceramics – mugs, dinnerware, figurines
  • Apparel and accessories – all types of clothing, hats
  • Leather goods – bags, shoes, purses, belts, and wallets
  • Plasticware – bottles, utensils, plastic cups, packaging
  • Health and wellness – supplements, medications
  • Cleaning supplies – brooms, mops 
  • Handicrafts – one-of-a-kind handmade artisan items that you can sell at a premium price. 
  • And many more exciting possibilities!

Our imaginations are running wild. We can’t wait to get to Mexico and see all the profitable opportunities with our very own eyes. Are you feeling it, too?

Just a few months to go before EvoLatam. Let’s do this!

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