Time flies, doesn’t it? The end of Q4 is approaching. Another new year is getting ready to make its grand entrance less than two months from today. We feel positive that the year 2023 will present exciting opportunities in our eCommerce careers. In fact, we already have one scheduled for February, don’t we?

Hold on to your ponchos, people – The Mexico Trip and EvoLatam Year 2 are happening soon. Our hearts are jumping right out of our chests from so much excitement!

There’s one thing though – we haven’t completely unpacked our learnings from the first Mexico sourcing trip and tradeshow just yet. It’s good practice to do a postmortem after every major event. This allows you to take a step back and look at what transpired from a fresh perspective. It lets you be the judge of what things you could’ve done better. Or determine the things that were accomplished flawlessly – those that must be emulated should the opportunity arise.

So, guess what? We’ve updated our live webinar from the first trip. We’re coming back to you now with a webinar 2.0 upgrade – now with more Mexican sourcing knowledge and experience. Watch the replay here.


Webinar Points of Discussion

In the webinar, our founders, Tim and Amy, did a very nice job of reiterating what we knew before the first Mexico Trip and EvoLatam happened. Tim and Amy are also very generous in sharing new information they picked up from ground zero.
Some of these include:
  • Mexico’s trade history, manufacturing zones, and culture.
  • Misconceptions about Mexico on logistics, product opportunities, conducting businesses, etc.
  • Best practices for conducting businesses in Mexico
  • Types of online sellers that will benefit from The Mexico Trip
  • Differences between The Mexico Trip and EvoLatam Expo
  • Package inclusions, agenda, and itinerary of The Mexico Trip (plus EvoLatam)
  • Plus a lot more!
(Also, a little insider tip for you: stay tuned until the end for a nice discount code offering you over $1000 discount for early sign-ups!)
Now that we’ve reached the end of the blog – we’re sure the look on your face wants to ask us: why? Why are we so invested in Mexico’s growth and development as a sourcing destination? What’s in it for us? Did you notice that we believe in this effort so much that we’re willing to shell out some of our own money just to bring you folks to Mexico?
Why? There’s one way to find out – catch the webinar replay here.
See you soon!
P.S. Only a few more seats left for The Mexico Trip 2023! What are you waiting for, hombre?
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