Can you believe it? The biggest eCommerce event in Latin America thus far is happening in just a little over two weeks. We’re counting down the days until The Mexico Trip + EvoLatam 2023!

Today, we are discussing two of the most important details of this trip: location and schedule. Let’s start with a short introduction about this year’s sourcing trip and trade show location – Monterrey, Mexico.

Welcome To Monterrey: Fun Facts About Mexico’s Third Largest City

We are going to Monterrey – the third largest city in Mexico and the capital and largest city of the northeastern state of Nuevo León. Today, Monterrey is one of the most progressive cities in the Latin American region. It’s home to many homegrown Mexican brands and the regional offices of global brands such as Toyota, Accenture, Samsung, Sony, and more.

Amidst Monterrey’s progressing industrial landscape, the local government continues to preserve the city’s natural, historical, and cultural resources. Monterrey is a magical place in Mexico where art, business, nature, and adventure meet.

Below are other interesting facts about the location for this year’s Mexico Trip:

– Translated in English, Monterrey means “King Mountain”, referring to the city’s mountainous topography. The Cerro dela Silla (Saddle Mountain) is one of Monterrey’s iconic tourist attractions. Its highest peak, Pico Norte, features a majestic view of the entire city.

– Monterrey was founded in 1956 but only started developing in the 19th century. This was when a railroad was built in Monterrey leading to and from Laredo, Texas.

– Monterrey locals are called “Regiomontanos” or “Regios”.

– Monterrey is located just 200km away from the U.S. border. Because of their proximity to the USA, most Regios can speak and understand more English than locals in other Mexican cities.

Macroplaza or La Gran Plaza is over 400,000 square meters and is one of the largest open areas in the world. It is the main city square in Monterrey and it is surrounded by many buildings and attractions.

Barrio Antiguo is an old town in Monterrey with a distinctly bohemian vibe – lined with cobblestone streets, and brightly-colored buildings. This town beautifully represents Monterrey’s old-world charm.

Cintermex is the largest Convention Center in the North of Mexico with more than 128,000 sq. ft. in meeting rooms and more than 263,000 sq. ft. in exhibit areas.

– Two of the popular museums in Monterrey are The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo (MARCO) and Museo de Historia Mexicana (Mexican History Museum). MARCO houses various galleries showcasing modern art pieces from homegrown and international artists. The Mexican History Museum exhibits artifacts dating from pre-Hispanic to present times. This museum has a library, video rooms, and an auditorium.

– For nature lovers, Monterrey has Parque Ecológico Chipinque – a national park with more than 60km of hiking and biking trails through dense forests and rugged peaks.

Parque Fundidora is a public park in Monterrey. It has several amenities for tourists and locals – more museums, concert halls, and other open spaces.

– Connected to Parque Fundidora is Paseo Sta. Lucia – another park in Monterrey – and one with an artificial river leading to the Mexican History Museum. One of the many fun tourist activities in The Mexico Trip agenda will include a tour of Paseo Sta. Lucia. We can’t wait!

The Mexico Trip: 7 Days Towards A Lifetime of Progress

The Mexico Trip is a 7-day sourcing trip designed to help you scale your eComm business with supply chain solutions in Mexico. Each activity is carefully planned – from the moment you arrive at Monterrey to the day we go back to our homes and get ready to apply the resources we’ve gathered from all seven days.

Here’s a quick overview of The Mexico Trip activities from day 1 to day 7 (or click here for a more detailed schedule):

Day 1, February 11, Saturday: Participants arrive and are welcomed with refreshments at the hotel. We will allow you free time to settle in, unpack, and get ready for the rest of the trip. See you on day two!

Day 2, February 12, Sunday: First full day of activities! There will be three conferences scheduled before lunch to officially launch The Mexico Trip 2023. These will be followed by a fun activity touring Paseo Santa Lucia and other nearby tourist attractions. Finally, day 2 ends with a Mexican BBQ dinner at Sociedad Mexicana de Parilleros.

Day 3, February 13, Monday: The Monday grind begins with back-to-back conferences scheduled from morning ’til 5pm at the hotel. Afterwhich, we get to enjoy some free time to mingle with co-participants, go sightseeting, or do anything you wish until dinner is served at La Catarina Restaurant.

Day 4, February 14, Tuesday: It’s going to be a unique Valentine’s day as we spend the day spreading the love for product sourcing. We’ve scheduled two factory visits on this day for a full immersion in Mexico’s manufacturing industry.

Day 5 – 6, February 15-16, Wednesday to Thursday: EvoLatam 2023! Our grand culminating two-day event will be happening at Cintermex, Monterrey – where you’ll have the chance to meet all kinds of suppliers from Mexico and other Latin American regions. Ecom Connect – the networking party – will be happening on Day 5. Make sure you’re ready for the free-flowing drinks and networking opportunities!

Day 7, February 17, Friday: Our last day – but the first day of the rest of your life! We go our separate ways after breakfast – by then you can apply all the learnings from the last 7 days and start building your LatAm supply chain empire.


What else can we say – Monterrey is calling! All you need to do now is book your flight, sign up for The Mexico Trip tickets, and we’ll take care of the rest. The truth is – this is more than just a sourcing trip. The Mexico Trip could very well lead the way to your eComm business’s growth at the global level. Are you going to let that opportunity go to waste?

Just two weeks left, amigo. See you in Monterrey!

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